1000 Days of Uptime for NS0.ARPA.NET

cake that says NS0.ARPA.NET 1000 DAYS UPTIME
Host NS0.ARPA.NET reached 1000 days of continuous uptime on 20 May 2001. What to do, other than get a cake for the occasion? Yum!

Here is a view of the console terminal attached to this Sun SPARC IPX, which was up since 24 August 1998:

console terminal

As you can see from the ps output there wasn't a lot going on, which is a big reason this computer was able to stay up for so long. A lack of power outages helps, too. :-) The computers we actually rely upon for ARPA.NET services run newer operating systems on newer hardware, and they are rebooted as needed to complete the installation of kernel patches.

Regrettably, just 9 days after this event an unplanned power outage in the machine room put an end to the uptime experiment. NS0.ARPA.NET has since been retired.

Want so see more? Download an 11-second MPEG movie (1.5 MB) showing the login and uptime command in the above picture.

1000 Days of Uptime for LL.ARPA.NET

LL.ARPA.NET is a Sun Fire V240, actively hosting a DNS server and a game server for 1000 continuous days.

console terminal

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